Welcome to the Foothills Library Association

The objective of the FLA is to bring together individuals within the Calgary library community to share and promote the concerns of the library and information professions.

Membership is open to people interested in the information professions. The annual fee is $30.

To learn more about the benefits of participating in FLA visit the Membership page.

Contact the membership director at memberships@fla.org for more information. 


FLA 5 Minute Annual General Meeting
The Foothills Library Association is pleased to host the 2016 AGM on Thursday, October 6 at 6:30 pm.  The event will be held at 4th Spot (2620 4th Street N.W., Calgary, AB).  Admission for members is free and $5 for non-members (cash at the door).  
The event will include the traditional 5 minute AGM followed by activities, drinks, and general merriment. Hope to see everyone there.

FLA Election Update

The FLA election is now closed.  Results will be announced at the 5 Minute Annual General Meeting scheduled for October 6th 2016.  Thank you for voting.

Special Resolution - Proposed Changes to FLA Bylaws

The Executive Board is proposing that FLA bylaws be amended to remove the role of FLAG Editor(s) as an officer of the Board.  A vote on the special resolution to change FLA Bylaws will take place at the next annual general meeting.  If the resolution passes, the Gazette will continue to exist in its current form until the Board has had an opportunity to reconsider its communication strategy. Responsibility for updating the blog will fall to the FLA Webmaster in the interim, with content generated by the Executive Board and FLA members.



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