Welcome to the Foothills Library Association

The objective of the FLA is to bring together individuals within the Calgary library community to share and promote the concerns of the library and information professions.

Membership is open to people interested in the information professions. The annual fee is $30.

To learn more about the benefits of participating in FLA visit the Membership page.

Contact the membership director at memberships@fla.org for more information. 

FLA Announcements

The Foothills Library Association is seeking to fill three vacancies on its executive board. Executive positions are open to any current member of the FLA, and will commence in Sept., 2016. The three vacant positions are:

Vice-President (President elect) - 3 year term (1 year each as Vice-President, President, and Past President)
Treasurer - 2 year term
Membership Director - 2 year term

More information about these positions can be found on the FLA website (http://www.fla.org/home/about/bylaws).

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please send an expression of interest to Brian Jackson, FLA President (flapresident@fla.org) by August 15, 2016. If required, an online election, open to all FLA members, will be held.



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