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Conference Update – Rachel Chan Memorial Grant

Melanie Sucha
Team Lead, Enterprise Information Advisory Services
Suncor Energy

With support of the Foothills Library Association Rachel Chan Memorial Grant, I had the privilege to attend the 2018 Global Petroleum Show, June 12-14 at Calgary’s BMO Centre.

As Deborah Yedlin noted in the Calgary Herald (Canadian oilpatch must innovate or it will perish; Better analysis means better decisions, which boosts performance and profitability. Sat Mar 17, 2018) the global energy sector is learning a challenging lesson: “innovate or die”. Our profession, librarianship, recognized this challenge long ago and surmounted it. There is significant opportunity for library professionals embedded in Canada’s natural resource sector to support this economically foundational industry in capturing data, making informed decisions, and delivering safer, cleaner, faster, cheaper processes. The energy industry is hearing this call - while the Global Petroleum Show is certainly not a typical library conference, this year’s program included several topics pertinent to the library and information professions: Internet of Things, machine learning, technology transformation, blockchain, digital technologies and indigenous relations.

These topics are discussed daily around my own water cooler. My team at Suncor Energy helps different business areas manage data, documents and records through their lifecycle, ensuring that information can be found and trusted to support key business process and to gain business insights. “You sound a lot like a librarian!” remarked many of my conference peers, from energy companies, tech sector, government, and post-secondary institutions.

And for this librarian, the conference program did not disappoint. Information, innovation, collaboration, enabling our colleagues, empowering our communities… it wasn’t a library conference, but it sounds a lot like librarianship! More conference details and learnings will be shared at the FLA AGM this summer.

Foothills Library Association Election Results

FLA would like to thank all candidates and voters for their participation in the 2017 election.

Congratulations to the new and returning members of the FLA Executive:

Vice-President - Sara Sharun

Memberships - Andrea Johnson

Secretary - Donna Campbell

Webmaster- Ingrid Reiche

Jobline Editors - Christine Pinkey, Chantal de Medeiros


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